Thursday, July 19, 2012

Summer Memories

I must admit that I just looked back over my last few blog posts and realized I haven't posted pictures of my girls in 6 months!!
Funny, I still turn to my fellow Eye moms and their blog posts daily but I have not returned the favor. 
Not sure exactly why. 
A combination of things I imagine. 
Two little ones are exhausting.  Amazing but exhausting. By the end of the day I can barely muster enough energy to tidy up and get to bed to start it all over again in the morning.
Things on the Eye front have been status quo.  Eye pressures run borderline high.  Patching is tolerable.  That's it.  Tolerable. I worry daily that her glaucoma is lurking in the corner.  But that is nothing new.
The eye is slowly slipping into part of who we are.  Some days are great.  Other days I feel sorry for myself.  Hot, sticky days when I wish I could take the kids to run in the sprinkler all day I can't for fear of a quick splash costing valuable patching time.  Or worse, a lost contact.  It's not natural to worry about things like that.  To have anxiety over simple childhood activities.  But it's our reality.  Maybe I'm feeling a bit more bummed cause it's summer and so much of summer revolves around water.  Do I take them swimming? If I do that means no contact and no patching.  Is it worth that? Everything always revolves around inserting/removing lenses and patch time.  Or at least it feels that way.  Tomorrow we want to go to an amusement park as a family.  Do we patch or skip? If we patch I risk having a meltdown from the gazillion of stares she will get.  If we don't patch I feel the anxiety of a lost day.  Sigh.
Even with those frustrations we are enjoying every day.
We have had many adventures so far this summer.

Feeding ducks

Milking cows

Love this place!
Riding horses.

We've visited our local beautiful James' Gardens for feeding ducks and blowing bubbles and just being silly by rolling down hills.

Slow down Nicole!

A break for snacks in the gazebo

The ducks loved their Cheerios!

Two of my troublemakers.

And of course the girls' very first trip ever to Canada's Wonderland!!

Posing in front of the mountain

Daddy's in heaven...first time on a roller coaster for Lilia!
Priceless. =)

Winning a teddy bear.

Nicole's fav. part. 

Oh and I would be amiss to not mention Lilia's very first ever ballet recital! 

What is it that I was suppose to be doing?

Oh and somewhere we do take Nicole lensed and patched....the wading pool!

Cooling off

And to top off the last of our days off together we decided to take the kids to Niagara Falls for the weekend.  It was such a wonderful time together, full of many many memories.  We stayed at Great Wolf Lodge which is always a hit with the kids.

Enjoying the butterflies

Pointing out the butterflies

First (of many) visits to Niagara Falls!

I love Great Wolf Lodge!

Should I or shouldn't I?

Here I go!

Believe it or not Nicole finished that plate of breakfast!

Lilia's favourite part of breakfast...Nicole is not so sure!
And of course....I've saved the best for last!!!  The trip to Niagara Falls included a daytrip to visit a fellow Eyemom!!!! Woohoohoo!! It was so absolutely wonderful!  So much support has been received from all fellow Moms.  I really couldn't have gotten to where we are without everyone.  It was so very awesome to be able to meet another family that turned out to be more amazing than we had even thought.  Wish I could meet you all!!
We had a wonderful time.  Just like old friends getting playing, chatting over pizza, and the least it was about was the eye.   Just two families spending time together.  It was lovely.

Giggling like old pals


These American slides are faster than the ones back home ;)

The two that all the fuss is about.

Refreshing popsicles.
Checking it all out in person!

Who are these crazy Canadians on my bridge?

This is fun!

True Serendipity

The sign of a fantastic trip. 

And there you have it!!  We are having so much fun and trying to go with the flow when it comes to eye business.  We have another appointment in a few weeks and I pray her pressures stay reasonable.
Thank you to all my Mommas who help me survive the hairy days and offer consistent kindness and support! You are all so fabulous....and thank you to Ms. See the Distance for opening your home to us! We had a blast!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

An Expensive Lesson

I learned another lesson.  The mother of a child that wears a contact lens should avoid Pink Eye like the Plague.  It cost us a perfectly good lens and a week of patching.  And a cute contact lens case.  Sigh.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Check this out!

So, the contact drama has subsided.  Must've been a bad day for my pumpkin.  Thank Heavens!!  Anyhow, I just wanted to share how excited I am about these super cute contact lens cases I found.  I mean really, who else would get how important it is to have cute patches...and if possible....cute cases!!  Lilia thinks they are pigs and asks every morning if we've got the pigs in Nicole yet. LOL.  We also got blue elephants! Oh, and although still difficult to see the lens is somewhat more visible in the bottom.  Ah, the little things that make me happy.

Our new fish contact case

Sunday, March 18, 2012


A friend of mine shared this article from our newspaper on Facebook and I though it was absolutely lovely.   A wonderful reminder that we can all touch lives by living an "ordinary" life.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Life has sure caught up with us. Being back to work full time is proving to be quite the challenge. Although I do find a moment at the end of every day to read my favourite blogs and take a peek at Facebook keeping up my own blog is not working out too well is it!! At the end of the day the exhaustion sets in and all the things I wanted to share just take a backseat to my calling bed.
Nevertheless, I did want to stop in and let everyone know that Nicole is doing quite well lately. I guess that is relative though. She's still on drops twice a day and as of yesterday the tears and fighting has picked up again for any and all lens business.
After nearly 6 months of putting in Nicole's lens without having to swaddle her today I cracked. And I cried. And she cried. After almost six months I had to tie her down and pry her eye open through teary eyes....mine and hers. But damn it I got the stupid thing in.
Anyhow, I try not to dwell on it. I hope it's just another stage that will soon pass. I guess it's all just a reminder of how much easier things could be. Thoughts and feelings that no one can understand except those of us going through it. And believe it or not, through all of this, we actually received an email that preceded to explain to us that although we were going through difficult times so were others. And then it listed all the things other people were dealing with. Yuppers. Thanks for the love.
I guess it's partly our fault. My hubby and I stand strong together. We are each other's support. No one else in our life understands. Not one other person. Sure people empathise. But unless you've lived it you've got no clue. I suspect that because we stand strong people don't see the pain.
Maybe a day in our shoes would help.
There are no morning cuddles. Nope.
There are drops.
There are physical restraints. Tying your baby down to do something so very not natural,
There are lenses. Lenses you pray to get in the first shot.
Lenses you pray you don't lose through out the day.
There are long days of work from which you come home exhausted and find the lens has been lost and with it any and all money made that day and more.
And now, exhausted you crawl painstakingly throughout the house looking for the impossible.
There is laying an infant down and taking their sight away. Every. Single. Day.
There is planning entire days around patch time. How much time left has become normal jargon while others wonder what the heck you are talking about.
There is crying. There is fussing. There is a child begging you to unpatch them. But you can't.
There are endless doctor's appointments.
There is starving your child so someone can force sedatives down their throat for these appointments.
There are surgeries and retinal detachments and glaucoma and corneal scrappings.
There is nothing good.
Nevertheless, we trudge on. Each day passes and we fall in love with our girls more and more and we thank God for all the good that we have. We have learned that life is too short. So we brush aside the ignorant comments and move forward. And smile. Cause is good.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Hallelujah!! Project 365 - Week 52

Hallelujah...good bye good riddance sayonara. 
I can't believe I did it.  The Project 365 I took on a year ago is thankfully DONE!! (No less on my 100th post!!)   And no, I did not decide to continue this year. LOL.  I love looking back at all the pictures and how much the girls have changed but heck was that a lot of work or what!? How many cameras did it take? A DSLR, a point and shoot that got left at Dusseldorf airport, another point and shoot we got to replace it, a waterproof dive camera, a Blackberry that lost it's life to spit up, the iPhone that replaced it, my hubby's iPhone that lost it's life to we don't know what, and the iPhone that replaced it.  I think that covers it.  Yikes.
Anyhow, I hope you enjoyed a peek into our lives. 
Ladies and gents...the last week!!!

Dec 24 - Santa's little helper

Dec 25 - Opening presents with cousins

Dec 25 - Daddy worked Christmas Day so Santa came on Christmas night instead of Christmas Eve.
Lilia had her reindeer food and Santa's key all ready to go!

Dec 26 - Opening presents on our "Christmas morning"

Dec 27 - No, it can't be.  Is that actually snow on Baba's hat???

Dec 28 - Don't even ask.

Dec 29 - That's me comatose on the floor.  It's the day after my first nightshift and I decided not to sleep.
And to go to the mall.  Hence passing out on the floor.

Dec 30 - Finally some snow for snowangels!

Dec 31 - WOOHOOHOO!!!
My last photo of the year!!
I worked all day and came home at almost 8pm but we got our last family photo of the year in!
Happy New Year Everyone!

Project 365 - Week 50 and 51

Dec 10 - First batch of Christmas cookies.

Dec 11 - Good thing we have 3...otherwise there would've been some fighting! LOL

Dec 12 - Day one back to work.  According to Daddy she picked this shirt herself.

Dec 13 - Nicole finally sedated at the Eyeclinic.  Retcam in the back ready to go!

Dec 14 - Sisterly love.

Dec 15 - Apparently they all need some patchtime.

Dec 16 - Getting into the holiday spirit.

Dec 17 - Is there anything sweeter than a baby sleeping?

Dec 18 - That's my girl!! Sipping Swiss Chalet sauce. Yum Yum.

Dec 19 - when all else fails glue some blueberries to your of Baba

Dec 20 - Everytime Lilia visits Baba she comes home with another ornament.
I made this one in 2001.

Dec 21 - Caught stealing almond cookies

Dec 22 - We got takout for lunch at work...I brought some home for my hubby.
Yum Yum...or so he says. Ugh.

Dec 23 - Sugar rush time!! I love Christmas!